The Tao of Badass Review – is it worth the money? Or it is Scam?

the tao of badassHi, welcome to my blog, in this blog I am going to share my personal The Tao of Badass review. I know you already read reviews about Tao of badass in different blog. So, this is yet another The Tao of Badass Review? No, in this blog you’ll find complete in-depth review about Joshua Pellicer’s Tao of Badass. This dating course is totally different from other guides. Let’s take a look what features and how it is different…

There is a big different in theory and realistic. You read my guides on how to attract women, flirt women and approach women. These all guides instruct its reader to become like Alpha man to attract girls. But in realistic girls want his man to become ‘real’ as what he is.

When we come to dating, many sites contain many tips about dating but these tips are really ‘unrealistic’ and things are always not remain same. You don’t know mood of the girl you’re approaching and it is possible to end up hurting yourself.

These all guides, articles, post and content does not contain anything realistic in it that is why there always a gap remain between theory and realistic. To fill up this gap, very known dating guru release his dating course which truly contain some realistic secrets about attracting women. I know you already see there are thousands and thousands of guys that posted their personal The Tao of Badass review. Do you think all these thousands reviews are fake and scam? No, simple because tao of badass (TOB) really delivers what it claims.

Thinking TOB really work? Is it really worth the money?

Who is Joshua Pellicer? and what does TOB teaches to its reader?

approaching womenThere are many guys who know Joshua Pellicer before launching TOB. For who don’t know about him – Joshua Pellicer is very famous dating guru which is also host of live radio show ‘Game On” which delivers new and unique ideas about approaching and attracting women. Josh is not born women-magnet; he is also same like us who starts shrinking while talking with women especially hot women. He read out many dating guides and finally after many trials and errors he writes down his own dating guide based on his experienced which is called “The Tao of Badass”

So what Tao of Badass teaches to its reader?

TOB delivers complete solution to guys that really want to become attraction point for most of the girls. TOB comes as a package which includes guides, video tutorial and 4 other bonus books.

These videos explain:

  1. What qualities every woman is looking in his man
  2. Secrets of approaching and attracting women
  3. Body Language that attract women
  4. Best way to start 1-on-1 conversation with hot women

Josh keeps video section updated with his “Game On” radio live shows audio

In-Depth The Tao Of Badass Review:

attracting womenThe great feature of TOB is it contains many different realistic tips which a shy guy can adopt to start conversation with hot girls. It contains lots of ideas on eye-contact, body language and dating with multiple women.

Let’s take a look about some of its benefits:

  • Very Easy to Follow:

TOB delivers content in PDF guide and video series unlike than other guides which contain 100+ pages of plain text. Although PDF guide is long but it organizes in such a way that keep its reader motivated and engage with the guide. And for people who prefer to sit back and watch video then video series of TOB contains full information that is mention in PDF guide in very organize manner.

  • Updated Content:

As mention above, Josh is the host of live radio show “Game On” in which he shares his personal experience about dating and approaching women. The members area of TOB is often update with new audio recording of “Game On” and Josh additionally keeps on sharing some unique secrets which he do not share anywhere else.

  • Worthy Bonus:

datingThere are total of nine bonus materials that are more worthy than your investment. Unlike than any other guide, The Tao of Badass contains lots of worthy bonus materials. My favorite bonus guide “Monogamy vs Polyamory” teaches how to date with multiple girl at a same time without getting cheated.

  • Cost:

At single cost you’ll get many bonus guides, videos, audios and sessions of coaching. All these materials make it totally worth every penny. You’ll amaze to hear that this program comes with 60-days money back guarantee that means you have 60-days to try it totally risk-free.

Is it work?

flirting womenThere are many people that are getting their dream girl with the help of this guide. But, let’s face the fact, two most important qualities you learn from this guide is body language and confidence. These two are supreme attractive qualities but even these two qualities do not work on every woman. Suppose body language and confidence does not work on girl that is not ready to get in relationship example timid girls. But, girls that are looking for someone that make her enjoy and make her life interesting then definitely these qualities work for sure.

The secrets and tips will work if you apply them practically in your life. Reading and watching only teaches you dating skills but , it is your job to build these qualities inside yourself. It is possible you fail in attracting women couple of time, don’t consider it as your failure you need to keep practicing these secrets if you want to become women-magnet.

Why I recommend?

After reading, I found some special tips and secrets that is not mention anywhere else that is why I decided to write down by personal The Tao of Badass review to help those people who wants to become women-magnet. These tips and guide help you to build qualities that help you to stand out from other guys and make them jealous by dating with hot and sexy women.


There are many reviews that prove tao of badass is the best dating guide. Many people ask Is it work for me or is it scam? Simply, this guide work for me personally. The main truth behind this course is that it totally worth every penny and teaches very powerful attractive secrets but these secrets only work if you apply them practically.